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If you are interested in learning more about my personal mission to reunite each signature card with it's original owner click here. I hope you'll browse through the names listed here and will enjoy doing so! I respectfully request that you contact me if you happen to recognize, know or are related to anybody on the list that appears at the bottom of this page. Thank you very much!

Thursday, August 6

Helen Lewicki

Helen Francis Lewicki graduated form Pittsburgh's South High School in the June class of 1936. I estimate that she was born in or around 1917 and lived in the Allegheny county area of Pittsburgh PA, probably in Ward 6. According to the research I've done, there are some Lewicki's residing in the Pittsburgh area, however, I haven't been able to locate her. If you are a relative of friend of Helen, please contact me as I would like to return her calliong card from so many years ago.


Margaret Szudy said...

Hi Jen,
Thank you for doing this; it is very thoughtful of you.
This is my mother, Helen Frances Lewicki Szudy. She was born December 25, 1919. She skipped some grades, and graduated from HS at the age of 18. She went on to get a BA from U of Pitt, and an MA in Social Work from Case Western Reserve in Ohio, where she met and married my father, George Michael Szudy.
You can contact me at

Margaret Szudy said...

I should have added that her family lived at 1113 Bradish St. on the South Side, and that her middle name was spelled Frances.

Margaret Szudy said...

Also, my first comment should have said "She skipped some grades and graduated from HS at the age of 16."