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If you are interested in learning more about my personal mission to reunite each signature card with it's original owner click here. I hope you'll browse through the names listed here and will enjoy doing so! I respectfully request that you contact me if you happen to recognize, know or are related to anybody on the list that appears at the bottom of this page. Thank you very much!

Saturday, February 21

Lois Klinger

I am currently searching for Lois V. Klinger who graduated from Pittsburgh's South High school in 1936. If Lois married, her last name will be different and she was probably born in or around 1917. Not only can I say that Lois lived in Allegheny County in 1936, but I actually have the address she resided at the year she graduated from High school. It was:

51 South thirty Second Street
Pittsburgh, PA

This information was posted on one of the two signature cards that I have in my collection for Lois Klinger.
According to the description posted in Sough High's "Oriole" Yearbook, Lois was involved in the following clubs:
Senior leaders, Camera, Senior Travel and Band. her nickname was "Lo" and she is described with this statement in the yearbook:
"Lois is the ray of sunshine and the delight of our class." I have been researching the Klinger name
in Pittsburgh and have found very little information. If you know Lois, or are related to her, please contact me as I would like to return both of her high school signature cards.

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