My Quest

If you are interested in learning more about my personal mission to reunite each signature card with it's original owner click here. I hope you'll browse through the names listed here and will enjoy doing so! I respectfully request that you contact me if you happen to recognize, know or are related to anybody on the list that appears at the bottom of this page. Thank you very much!

Friday, October 12

Edward Sobolak

Mr. Edward Sobolak is someone that I am searching for as I have his signature card and look forward to returning it to him. I haven't much information about Mr. Sobolak, but according to the 1936 South High School year book, "The Oriole", his nickname is "Ed". The yearbook description also calims that he is boys pal and the girls fastest heartbeat. He participated in the following school clubs/activities: Botzoo, Radio, Chemistry, Thespians, Glee, Chess and French. I have found some records in an old census form that shows an Edward Sobolak living in the Pittsburgh area whose date of birth is October 16, 1915. If you know Mr. Sobolak, a member of his family or are related to him, please contact me.


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