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If you are interested in learning more about my personal mission to reunite each signature card with it's original owner click here. I hope you'll browse through the names listed here and will enjoy doing so! I respectfully request that you contact me if you happen to recognize, know or are related to anybody on the list that appears at the bottom of this page. Thank you very much!

Friday, October 17

Julia Kuhar

I am currently searching for Julia A. Kuhar who graduated from Pittsburgh's South High school in June of 1936. She may have married and if so would have a different last name. She was probably born between 1916 and 1918 and lived in the 6th ward of Allegheny county, which was in the South High School district. Here are some details that are posted about her that display next to her senior portrait in the 1936 high school yearbook, the "Oriole":

Nick Name: Jay

Clubs/Activities: Senior leaders, Swimming Team, Senior girl Reserves, Basketball and Volley Ball Teams,

Description: Can Julia Swim? We'll say she can. she's what you call an All-American girl in sports.

According to my research there is a Julia Kumar Jennison that at one time lived in Cranberry Twp PA and was married to Anthony Jennison. I am not certain, but this may be the Julia Kuhar that I am searching for. If you know of, are, or are related to Julia please contact me as I would like to return her calling card.

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